Scottish Land Commission

Perception audit to inform a communications strategy

Giselle Dye
Developments & Land, Public Sector
Audits & Research
Scottish Land Commission is a public body that’s driving a programme of land reform spanning both urban and rural land, to improve the productivity, diversity and accountability of the way Scotland’s land is owned and used. It has a very wide range of stakeholders, from land reform campaigners and tenant farmers, to land owners, NGOs and other government bodies.
Discovering – and analysing – how Land Commission’s role, remit and work is regarded by its various audiences is a vital tool in determining how best to focus limited resources to achieve maximum impact.
We carried out a perception audit over six weeks, conducting qualitative research (in depth, unattributed phone interviews with around 20 senior stakeholders) and quantitative via an online survey, to gather insight. Our report which contains candid views and challenging advice, was presented to the Land Commission’s Board and helped shape the communications strategy that underpinned the next three year strategic plan.