Howden Group

Generating profile for hydrogen expertise

Devan LaBrash
Energy & Renewables, Trade & Technical/B2B
Public Affairs, Media Relations, Digital Marketing, Stakeholder Relations
Pagoda worked with Howden, a global provider of mission critical air and gas handling products, to build on its 100 years of involvement in the hydrogen industry. With a century of experience in the production of compressors, the business identified the opportunity to take a leadership position in the energy transition and the hydrogen sector.
Following the appointment of the Head of Global Hydrogen for Howden, we focused on raising his profile through a number of opportunities within sectoral publications including H2 Tech, Hydrogen Infrastructure and H2 View. With a mix of in-depth interviews, which we wrote and placed, and opinions and technical articles, we have also reached into more traditional energy media, highlighting how compression and hydrogen expertise supports the transition of skills and technologies. This work has significantly supported Howden’s sales effort, securing significant contracts, and has built a global understanding of the business’ role in emerging technology. For Pagoda, it has seen growth in our expertise, and we recently completed a new hydrogen brochure for the business, built on our understanding and copywriting skills.