Health Technology Wales

Communications strategy development

Angela Casey
Public Sector, Health & Social Care
Public Affairs, Stakeholder Relationships, Audits & Research
Health Technology Wales was set up in 2017 to identify and appraise non-medicine health technologies for Wales. We developed a communications strategy for them based on audience insight with stakeholder groups. This included agreeing key messages, identifying appropriate communications channels and developing a prioritised implementation plan with agreed evaluation metrics.
We carried out an online survey and telephone interviews to capture audience perceptions. Alongside research on resources and future requirements, we used this information in discussion with senior staff and the Health Technology Wales Appraisal Panel to identify objectives and how to achieve them. Audience insight covered a range of partners including clinicians and representatives of different parts of the NHS in Wales, industry and government.
HTW then used its communication strategy to shape understanding of its contribution to health care, research and technical development in Wales.

“Pagoda has provided invaluable support to Health Technology Wales and their focused strategy has ensured our communications are considered and coordinated. They also provided fantastic ongoing support to our communications activities, enabling Health Technology Wales to implement the aims and objectives set out in the strategy. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services, which we’ll continue to use in the future.”


Dewi Powell
Communications Officer