Edinburgh New Town Cookery School

Cooking up a strategy

Angela Casey
Consumer, Food & Drink
Media Relations, Digital Marketing
Edinburgh New Town Cookery School offers professional courses, training future chefs. Many graduate from ENTCS and enter top kitchens. The School also provides training to support hospitality employment and leisure courses for beginners and those seeking new skills.
Pagoda has worked with ENTCS for some years, bringing it a higher profile in print, online and within social media. Supporting its marketing, sales and reputation, our work has focused around promoting both the popular, short leisure courses and building an understanding of the success of its graduates. Using graduate profiles, news, launches, interviews and events, we have driven course bookings via print, online and social media.
Some journalists have enjoyed the chance to try, while others have included ENTCS in round-ups on experiences. Social media strategy has been crucial for SEO and work around digital marketing has driven sales from an online presence. We have also brought influencers on board to highlight both the careers opportunities and to increase sign-ups for the exciting range of leisure courses.