Donaldson Timber Engineering

Reaching a B2B audience

Holly Russell
Trade & Technical/B2B
Media Relations, Branding & Websites, Digital Marketing
While the construction industry is still very traditional and focused on print trade publications, more and more content is moving online. We recognised the importance of promoting brand awareness of Donaldson Timber Engineering to the industry’s future decision makers.
We regularly write case studies for DTE, which we place in print magazines and distribute via quarterly newsletters to staff, customers and stakeholders. We took a more innovative approach to use of these and recognised that trade publications were improving their online presence. This meant creating digital content was a prime opportunity to innovate our existing PR programme and communicate with a new audience. Video case studies are not a new idea in general, but there were no examples of this in the timber and construction sectors, so this was a new opportunity.
Video footage of a site under construction was much more visually impactful than still images, and helped us to illustrate the depth and scale of the project. We combined on-site film with interviews of the customer and DTE’s project leaders to explain the technical aspects of the development, creating a video under two minutes in length that shared all key messages. Because this particular project was about a small, private housing development, we targeted housebuilders and self-builders and placed it on Professional Housebuilder and Property Developer’s website at no charge; the first content of its kind on the site. This supported the sales and marketing team and reached a new audience.