Change your career in 2023: professional chef training in Edinburgh


Would-be chefs looking for a career change in 2023 will find it at Edinburgh New Town Cookery School (ENTCS). The school trains aspiring, employable professional cooks with courses ranging between one, three and six months throughout the year.

Courses take students from beginner to chef, teaching everything from knife skills to life skills such as business planning, budgeting and food safety.  ENTCS graduates go on to a wide range of careers and find work within prestigious restaurants and catering companies, or as private chefs, food stylists, influencers or writers of the future

Scotland’s leading professional cookery school, ENTCS is set in the heart of Edinburgh and offers a One Month Course, Three Month Beginners or Intermediate Certificate and Six Month Practical Cookery Diploma that equips students with the knowledge and skills they need for the food industry.

The school was founded by published author and former principal of world-renowned Leith’s School of Food and Wine, Fiona Burrell, who began her career in Edinburgh and has been teaching professional cookery courses for over thirty years.  Burrell’s team is highly qualified, experienced and passionate about teaching cookery as a life skill.

Course Background

For more information on how the certificate courses allow people to learn all the fundamentals of life skills cooking, visit www.entcs.co.uk

Three Month Intermediate Certificate Course: This is ideal for people who already have some knowledge of cooking but want to turn it into a professional skill, which can be used for employment in a professional kitchen or for starting a business.
Next Course begins: 9th January 2023

Three Month Beginners Certificate Course: provides comprehensive training in cooking practices.  Designed for those who wish to enter the food industry, this course is the first step to learning classical cookery skills.
Next course begins: 3rd April 2023

Six Month Practical Cookery Diploma: is the Three Month Beginners and Intermediate Certificate Course combined and gives an immediate stepping stone into a rewarding career within a professional kitchen.
Next course begins: 3rd April 2023


The Edinburgh New Town Cookery School produces a range of highly skilled graduates many of whom take on great jobs as a result of their qualification. Below is an overview of a few of the recent graduates who have chosen to pursue a career in the food industry – some changed careers midstream and others followed a life-long passion for food. They are available for interview should you wish to use their case study in a feature.

Rukmini Iyer

Rukmini Iyer, author of The Roasting Tin series of cookbooks, was a contestant on Masterchef in 2013 and a former student of ENTCS. Rukmini was a trainee solicitor before leaving her field, after discovering cooking as her real passion and pursuing a career doing what she loved. She recently published her latest book, India Express.

Roly Simpson

Roly Simpson had a 12 year career in estate agency prior to taking the Six Month Practical Cookery Diploma Course in 2016. He has since set up and runs the very successful restaurant East Pizzas based in Bonnie and Wild in the St James Quarter, Edinburgh.  http://www.entcs.co.uk/roly-simpson


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