Lanarkshire pharmacists should be first port of call this winter


Community pharmacists stand ready to provide clinical support for people in Lanarkshire who are unwell this winter.

While GP appointments are still available in the region, pharmacists can consult on many issues patients would normally visit a nurse or doctor for – and often no appointment is necessary.

Pharmacists can offer advice on a wide range of conditions and provide medication if necessary. They can also refer patients on to another healthcare professional, if needed

Pharmacists throughout NHS Lanarkshire are delivering the NHS Pharmacy First Scotland service, designed to encourage everyone to visit their community pharmacy as the first port of call for all minor illnesses and specific common clinical conditions.

Some of the conditions covered by the service include: acne or eczema; allergies and hay fever; aches and pains; some infections; constipation or diarrhoea; cystitis (in women); runny nose, coughs and sore throat; and indigestion.

Speaking about the Pharmacy First service, George Lindsay, Chief Pharmacist Primary Care, said: “The NHS Scotland Pharmacy First service offers a way for local people to get clinical support, often with no appointment, for many of the most common conditions they may experience this winter.

“Local people may feel apprehensive about using NHS services, given the ongoing pressures around COVID-19. Whether they’re concerned about burdening the service, or they’re hesitant about the risk involved with getting healthcare in person, we’d like to reassure them that pharmacies are there to be used. We’d also like to reassure residents that Lanarkshire pharmacies are applying COVID-19 safe practices and they should not worry about dropping in.”

Residents can also call NHS 24 on 111 with any urgent questions or concerns, or they can find further details about services on NHS Inform: www.nhsinform.scot.


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