Psychological Society urges government to tackle poverty with new strategy


In its ‘From Poverty to Flourishing’ campaign, launched today [09 July], the British Psychological Society is calling for a strategy which supports communities, families and individuals and places psychology at the heart of its approach.

With 22 per cent of the UK population living in poverty, the stark reality of poverty in society has been exacerbated by the coronavirus crisis.

The full effects of the crisis are not yet known but they are likely to be long-lasting and far-reaching, therefore it is vital that the government takes urgent meaningful action and places families and communities at the heart of their coronavirus recovery plans.

Director of Policy at the BPS Kathryn Scott said:

“The current crisis has only heightened the need for the government to take urgent action and develop an effective anti-poverty strategy.

We need a psychological approach to addressing poverty that seeks to increase access to societal and community resources to create flourishing families and communities.”

The Poverty to Flourishing campaign is supported by the society’s 60,000 members across the UK and the launch is accompanied by four distinct briefings for the four UK nations.

The BPS is working with its members to explore the evidence to understand which policy interventions would have a real impact in lifting people out of poverty and will focus on three priority groups, families, children’s development and community resilience.

Briefings for each of the four UK nations can be found here:

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