National Writing Day at Pagoda PR


Today marks National Writing Day, an annual celebration of the power of creative writing. At our PR and public affairs agency it is not surprising that we understand as much as anyone the importance of good copywriting.

As seasoned communications professionals we jump at the opportunity to scope out and voice a good story.  Working with stakeholders, politicians and media every day, we can turn our hands to many different writing styles, keeping a mind on brevity and clarity.  No wonder then, we’ve relished the #247challenge for this year’s National Writing Day, to write a story with only 24 words in just 7 minutes. Starting with the words ‘one day’, each sets its scene.  We hope you enjoy the selection created by our very own wordsmiths…

Some colleagues were inspired by the recent lockdown and took the theme of current times:

One day a tired nurse walked home and saw a rainbow. Then another. And ‘Thanks NHS’ in chalk. There was loss, but love too.

One day, a couple on their daily exercise watched a goosander lead nine ducklings down the Water of Leith. A hungry heron observed closely.

“One day, the woodland was empty,” exclaimed the Troll. “But soon the children returned, bringing ribbons of hope which they tied to the trees.”

One day soon traffic hum will drown out the birdsong. Then, on my bike, I will re-enter the daily joust like a gallant knight.

Other storytellers were broader in their creativity:  

One day she loves me, she loves me not, she loves me.  Ten toes, ten fingers I removed, so she couldn’t love me anymore.​

One day there was the cutest kitten, the loveliest there could be. But she wets the floor so gets no more loving from me.

One day I went to see my 15-year old daughter perform in “Peter Pan”. A chance conversation afterwards, led to my co-founding a brewery.

One day, this day, dad died. I remember him, sitting straddled on the school fence, smoking a rollie and scandalising the teachers. Scurrilous larrikin.

We help clients be clear in their writing so media and stakeholders understand their messages succinctly. If your business needs a helping hand in drafting anything from web copy to opinion pieces or technical articles, chat to Pagoda PR today. We like to talk as well as write.

Thank you to First Story for the challenge on National Writing Day!


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