Element invests in leading 5G testing capabilities


London, UK – May 4, 2020 – Following its acquisition of leading connected technologies business, PCTEST, Element Materials Technology (Element) completed a multi-million dollar investment in Q1 of equipment and facilities to enhance PCTEST’s existing 5G technology for wireless device manufacturers.

With the ongoing rollout of 5G wireless technology, Element is at the forefront of these innovations with investments in greater capabilities and capacity in the higher frequency mmWave range (FR2), in addition enabling PCTEST to service customers with FR1 and other cellular bands. The new testing and certification services are available at both the Columbia, MD and San Jose, CA laboratories in the USA, and its laboratory located in Korea, and will drive improved access to a new customer base.

These significant investments are an exciting step forward in the rapidly emerging 5G market. As applications move further beyond the telecommunications industry, particularly the current growth in the automotive sector with innovations in autonomous vehicles and ultra-reliable low latency communications, it is crucial that Element remains a leader in the adoption of the newest technologies.

5G infrastructure plays an increasing role in enhancing critical telecommunication services to the medical, business and domestic communities, and Element/PCTEST is proud to be at the forefront of 5G technology providing a fast and reliable network for global markets and enhanced connectivity.

Element’s capabilities in the sector include over the air (OTA) testing for verification of antenna performance, and specific absorption rate (SAR) and power density tests for safety analysis. These tests ensure products used for machine-to-machine communications (i.e. Internet of Things) meet regulatory standards, industry conformance standards, and carrier approvals to assist them in the route to market.

Steve Hayes, Technical Director, Connected Technologies at Element, commented: “Our team of engaged experts are not only highly knowledgeable in wireless testing and consumer product compliance services, they are also well-versed in the industry with many sitting on working groups and committees, playing a first-hand role in the development of the standards we test to.

“Element is also working with the three largest test vendors in the wireless sector, which ensures that we offer a common test bed between manufacturer-based development testing and third party conformance assessments, thus providing certainty in the test results.”

Element provides testing, regulatory and compliance services covering all aspects of telecoms, EMC, wireless, environmental and safety testing and certification. The Group’s services are fully supported by a compliance management team, which enables product access to global markets. Operating from internationally accredited facilities in North America, Europe and Asia, Element ensures that customers have full access to their chosen markets in a cost-effective way with minimal delay.


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