Fraser Technologies supports manufacturing transition to oxygen systems


Livingston-based Fraser Technologies, a specialist supplier to the component cleaning market, is playing a key role in supporting the UK manufacturing sector redeploy existing production capabilities to manufacture respirators and continuous positive airway pressure units.

Following a call-out from the UK Government for businesses to support the production of oxygen systems, many manufacturers across the country have dropped their normal production lines and adapted to meet these demands.

One critical aspect of the production process is ensuring components are cleaned properly, as many of the cleaning requirements for medical devices are significantly different from those of industrial components. Fraser Technologies has quickly stepped in to support manufacturing customers who have transitioned to the production of oxygen systems, to adapt their cleaning processes and ensure they meet stringent safety and quality requirements.

The company has also modified its standard practice to include short-term rental agreements for the cleaning equipment with temporary manufacturers, ensuring the process is as efficient, cost-effective and beneficial for all parties as possible.

Graham Fraser, Managing Director of Fraser Technologies, said: “We are currently working with a number of companies who have diverted their manufacturing lines to produce oxygen systems and help to fight this pandemic. We provide advice on cleaning solutions and how best to reassign existing equipment, and we have all necessary chemicals and equipment available to those who require it.

“We’re offering short term options to avoid long capex approvals that may delay start times, and we can turn delivery around quickly, with all required equipment set up with manufacturers in 3-4 days from initial enquiry. As we are already set up to provide oxygen cleaning systems, we have a globally accepted, standard process in place – so there is no need for lengthy testing and evaluation of the products. We’re experts in chemical and solution analysis, so should any issues arise with the cleaning process, we are well placed to support and can do so remotely.

“It’s incredibly heartening to see UK manufacturers responding to the pandemic in such a positive way, and we’re proud to be able to play a part in the safe production of these life-saving systems.”


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