Element supports supply chain with ISTA accreditation


Element Materials Technology (Element) has received accreditation by the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) to carry out testing and certification on packaging at its Bothell, Washington laboratory, supporting the supply chain through reduced product loss in transit.

The ISTA accreditation includes impact and drop, vibration, temperature, humidity, compression, and conditioning testing for the medical device, consumer product, and food and beverage industries. This leads to a reduction in damages and product loss, thereby increasing product safety in transit and improving customer satisfaction.

ISTA accreditation for packaging testing is required by industries ranging from medical device manufacturers to information technology equipment and consumer electronics. As an ISTA-certified testing laboratory, Element can now provide a full scope of required testing to these sectors. Element is among only a few companies in the Seattle area with this accreditation, and the Bothell laboratory’s proximity to Amazon headquarters is a great advantage for Element’s customers.

Rick Sluiters, EVP at Element, said: “With the growing medical device ecosystem in Seattle, we felt this accreditation as an ISTA certified testing laboratory member was an important step forward in supporting our customers’ needs.

“Between our two laboratories in the Seattle area, which cover EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) testing and a host of environmental testing services such as, ingress protection, UV testing, and accelerated aging testing services, the addition of this packaging testing allows us to provide a full scope of consumer product and medical device testing required by our customers.”

ISTA testing standards were developed to reduce the cost of damaged goods to manufacturers and distributors of fragile goods. Today, ISTA package testing standards are the most widely used in the industry and help anticipate and prevent the most common issues facing manufacturers and shippers.

Element’s ISTA testing laboratories provide member customers with the ability to label their products with the ISTA Transit Tested Certification Mark. The company’s world-class facilities offer package testing solutions from the development of new packaging technology, to failure-related and customer-required performance testing of existing designs.


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