GORE-TEX brand and adidas Originals announce autumn collection


Building on the success of two seasons of partnership with adidas Originals, the GORE-TEX brand is proud to present the PT3 LASCU collection.

Designed in collaboration with Conroy Nachtigall, the collection features shark fin jackets and trousers and includes a new LASCU waterproof-breathable GORE-TEX parka and jacket and new windproof and breathable GORE-TEX INFINIUM trousers.

All new items will be available globally from 1 September 2019.

The challenge in the design process was to find space for insulation that can be moved. The potential disadvantage of having bulky and uncomfortable areas within the individual pieces was transformed by Conroy into a design feature: the shark fin. A pocket solution was created that allows the insulation layer to be stored by moving the bulkiness to the outside, creating more comfort. A special focus was also put on not having any detachable elements so parts don’t get lost.

Conroy Nachtigall said: “At the start of the LASCU project we analysed data about core body temperature but then the challenge moved quickly to how to interpret that data and strategising about how it could be implemented. Warmth, movement, comfort, and change need to be in constant balance, not letting one phase dictate or override. We couldn’t lose focus on keeping the full waterproof integrity of GORE-TEX, but we also wanted to let the process reveal something new.”

  • Product information:
    • A waterproof-breathable GORE-TEX adidas PT3 LASCU PARKA ED5680 (retail 650 EUR)
    • A waterproof-breathable GORE-TEX adidas PT3 LASCU JACKET ED5681 (retail 500 EUR)
    • A windproof-breathable GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ adidas PT3 LASCU TROUSERS ED5683 (retail 200 EUR)

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