Global chef shortage could affect Scotland’s restaurant business


Many of Scotland’s restaurants could close due to a world chef shortage, according to Fiona Burrell, Principal of Edinburgh New Town Cookery School (ENTCS).

With school and college leavers flooding onto the job market, pressure to find a worthwhile career has never been stronger.  For many, choosing a career in food could be a shrewd move as professional chefs become harder to come by and the industry faces a crisis.

Cities like Edinburgh or London, where new restaurants are opening all the time, will have trouble filling senior chef positions while restaurants and hotels in the countryside face a particular challenge in sourcing staff. And for the younger, inexperienced chefs in higher positions of responsibility, there is not always the capacity to professionally teach some of the new arrivals to the industry.

Fiona Burrell comments: “The chef shortage could have a massive impact on the hospitality industry which is a worry.  However, at the same time, it offers a real opportunity for young people with a passion for food who are looking to move into a rewarding career. Students on our three or six month professional courses progress from learning basic to quite advanced skills which equip them to work in a professional kitchen.  This means that when they enter a restaurant or catering company kitchen they are ready and equipped with the skills they need and from there to advance up the career ladder.

“If this can help more aspiring chefs find the roles they seek, it can only help fill the spaces being left by the shortage.  We want to keep the UK’s discerning diners fed, if we can!

“I would encourage any person who is unsure of their next move to look at what they are passionate about. We are always impressed by the enthusiasm our students have for food and cooking, and we are able to teach the skills and practical planning that ensures they are ready for work in professional kitchens.”

The next Six Month Practical Cookery Diploma offered at ENTCS begins Monday, 17 September.

For more details go to www.entcs.co.uk, call 0131 226 4314 or email info@entcs.co.uk


The cook school offers a range of courses, recognised by the industry:

Six Month Practical Cookery Diploma: is the Three Month Beginners and Intermediate Certificate Course combined and gives an immediate stepping stone into a rewarding career within a professional kitchen.  Next course begins: 17 September 2018.

Three Month Intermediate Certificate Course: is designed for people with a solid knowledge and ability in basic cookery. It’s ideal for those wishing to take their cookery skills to the next level or for competent cooks who wish to have a formal training. Next course begins:  25 June 2018

Three Month Beginners Certificate Course: provides comprehensive training in cooking practices run by professional chefs who are also excellent teachers.  Designed for those who wish to enter the food industry, this course is the first step to learning classical cookery skills.  Next course begins: 17 September 2018.

One Month Course: basic cookery skills and an introduction to the professional kitchen.  Ideal for students looking for work in shooting lodges, villas abroad or ski chalets over the summer/winter or on a gap year. It is also perfect for school leavers on their way to university or university students who want a skill to help them earn money in the holidays.  Next courses begin: 18 June 2018 or 23 July 2018


Edinburgh New Town Cookery School

ENTCS is a professional cookery school based in Edinburgh’s New Town.  The school was founded by Fiona Burrell, formerly Principal of Leith’s School of Food and Wine. She began her career in Edinburgh and has been teaching professional cookery courses for thirty years.  With courses on offer from one day tasters for amateurs, to six month professional courses, many graduates have gone on to work in some the UK’s top kitchens.




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