The Pagoda Perspective 02.10.17



  • Speaking at the party’s conference this weekend, Ruth Davidson said the whole of the UK should benefit from government jobs, arguing that the UK is too ‘London-centric’.
  • David Mundell will today warn the First Minister that she must take a second independence referendum off the table once and for all.


  • Theresa May has said she will speak to the First Minister in a bid to end the Brexit deadlock between the two governments.


  • Henry Bolton has been elected as the new leader of UKIP.
  • Nicola Sturgeon has said she is “increasingly concerned” about images from Catalonia as Spanish police tried to halt an independence referendum on Sunday.


  • The Governor of the Bank of England has indicated that interest rates could rise in the “relatively near term”, possibly as soon as November.


  • More than 900 people in Scotland have been warned their partner has an abusive past as a result of the new “Clare’s Law” legislation. Police Scotland revealed 2,144 requests had been made under the new Disclosure Scheme for Domestic Abuse in Scotland.


  • The Scottish Government has announced a U-turn on sepsis awareness campaign just three weeks after it said it did not think such a campaign was “necessary at this time”.
  • The Scottish Conservative’s Shadow Health Secretary Miles Briggs has called for stereotypes to be challenged to encourage more men to pursue a nursing career.
  • In a response to Monica Lennon’s campaign to end period poverty, Glasgow Airport is to provide free sanitary products for female passengers.
  • The Bank of Scotland Happiness Index has found happiness in Scotland continued to grow, with the average happiness score increasing by 8% from last year. Those in Mid Scotland & Fife were most happy, while Glasgow residents were the least happy.


  • The Sunday Herald has reported that the Scottish Government is set to announce a ban on fracking this week, replacing a moratorium started in January 2015.


  • Lothian Buses has launched the first fully electric public buses to serve Scotland’s capital.
  • Business leaders have called for significant improvements to be made to Waverley Station to befit its status as the main rail gateway to Scotland.


  • The Scottish Parliament will begin recess this week, 7 October, and will return on the 23 October.
  • The SNP conference begins this weekend, Sunday 8 – Tuesday 10 October in Glasgow.

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