The Pagoda Perspective 29.08.17



  • Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has said it would be “impossible” to have separate Brexit plans for different parts of the UK.
  • Professor John Curtice of Strathclyde University has said that a Tory collapse during Brexit negotiations is Labour’s best shot at government, but that its own uncertainties around Brexit and Scotland leave the party vulnerable.
  • Leading firms from Scotland’s financial sector have drawn up restructuring “contingency plans” to deal with the impact of a Brexit shock.


  • Opposition parties have condemned “watered down” measures to halt boardroom excesses after the government unveiled its plans to curb executive pay and give shareholders greater power.
  • Kezia Dugdale has said the rise of youngsters living in poverty should “shock” the Scottish Government into increasing child benefit payments to families.


  • Doctors have raised concern with the growing number of GP practices in NHS Lothian which have “informally closed” new patient registrations, with more than 40% of local practices operating restricted lists.
  • A new report from the Alcohol Health Alliance has said alcohol brands are failing to inform the public of the drinking guidelines and health warnings.
  • The number of staff working within Scotland’s NHS is expected to rise by 1,400 this year according to new Scottish Government figures.


  • The Scottish Retail Consortium has called on the Scottish Government to “put growing the economy at the very heart of its next Budget”.


  • An investigation by BBC Scotland has found that 14 of Scotland’s 32 councils have no on-site counsellors in schools, while provision by other councils is not consistent. This is the equivalent to more than 250,000 children having no access to school-based counselling services.


  • The National Federation of Independent Retailers has said a Deposit return system for plastic bottles could make £9m for retailers.


  • Former Edinburgh Council bosses will give evidence next week as the inquiry into the city’s trams project begins public hearings.
  • The publication of a new business case for extending the Edinburgh tram to Newhaven has revealed Leith Walk would be cut down to just one lane for 18 months.


  • The Scottish Conservatives will select a new MEP this week, following the elevation of Ian Duncan to the House of Lords
  • The new Queensferry crossing has been formally handed over from contractors to the Scottish Government and will open to traffic on Wednesday.



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