Deal me in


They say a week can be a long time in politics, however it can be even longer if it’s your first week in the job. I’ve just joined the Pagoda team as a Public Affairs Assistant, fresh faced from a masters degree, and have only just begun to understand the deals which can be done and dusted in the space of a few days.

In Northern Ireland, a case of ‘no deal’ has resulted in the collapse of the NI assembly after the mismanagement of the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme came to a head. Elections are now due to take place on March 2nd, where further negotiations over power sharing will no doubt continue to provide an unsteady standing at Stormont. Yet even this historic and controversial news story has been swept to the side by other headlines this week.

Just yesterday, Prime Minister Theresa May gave her deal or no deal ultimatum to the EU. She’s got a shopping list of 12 goals, and if she can’t have them she’s going home empty handed. Whilst giving us all some sort of clarity in terms of the kind of Brexit we will see, uncertainty still remains over the ever-looming exit negotiations. Businesses should continue to monitor the issue, with key decisions around topics such as workers’ rights and trade still to be set in stone.

As usual, the halls of Holyrood continue to house the whisperings of constitutional debate. All the while, twists and turns can be seen in other areas. Transport Minister, Humza Yousaf, most likely could breathe a quick sigh of relief following a slight increase in ScotRail’s punctuality figures. This is of course, before ducking for cover from a barrage of criticism surrounding the funding of upcoming train fare discounts.

The importance of keeping up with developments at home, throughout the UK and beyond is clear. Decisions and deals have real implication


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