Nature’s version of Commonwealth Games logo unveiled at Riccard Johnston Woods, North Lanarkshire

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Nature’s version of Commonwealth Games logo unveiled at Riccard Johnston Woods, North Lanarkshire

A giant woodland Commonwealth Games 2014 logo will be planted at a new Scottish community wood in North Lanarkshire as a lasting legacy of the sporting event.

Youth Legacy Ambassadors raised £40,000 and secured permission to use the official Games logo in this environmental project at Riccard Johnston woods at New Stevenston, near Motherwell, one of a network of 14 Commonwealth Woods

Designed to create a beautiful natural attraction it will also function as a maze, an outdoor classroom and provide a woodland area for people of all ages to learn, get active and enjoy the outdoors for years to come.

Spanning an area of 2000 square metres, the maze is being planted in the four distinct parts of the Games logo, namely:
- the outer red ring made out of local bricks forms a path
- the  inner yellow ring from planted  golden sedge grass
- the blue arc with planted  blue cypress trees
- the planted “G” in the middle of Scots Pine, recently declared Scotland’s national tree.

The North Lanarkshire Youth Ambassadors won the Environment category at the Young Scot awards in Glasgow last week.

Jordan Linden (18), a Youth Legacy Ambassador, said: “With only a few months until the Games start, we’re excited to reveal our design.  The maze will be a striking addition to the local area and help bring the community together in celebration of the 2014 Commonwealth Games.”

The Youth Ambassadors are appealing to families in the area to donate historic, named bricks to create the path around the maze linking the future legacy of the Games with Lanarkshire’s industrial past.

Jordan added: “The bricks we’re looking for were made at many of Lanarkshire’s brickworks in the 19th and 20th Century and have different company’s names on them.  We think they’ll add a nice touch to the path, connecting the old with the new, our history and our culture, in a community project to make the locals proud.

“We urge members of the public to let us know if they have, or know where we can find, any of these historic bricks.”

Riccard Johnston, a former farm holding that was planted as a community woodland in the early 1990’s, was recently transformed following a Forestry Commission grant in 2013. It’s the latest wood to join the Commonwealth Woods in and around Glasgow that are a legacy project of the Games.

Funding for the project, which will invite dozens of children and families from the area to help plant the new woodland maze, came from the Environmental Key Fund with additional support from North Lanarkshire Council as the woodland owner, and Forestry Commission Scotland.

Hugh McNish, Forestry Commission Scotland’s health advisor for the central belt, added: “A lot of people don’t know the woods on their doorstep so we’re encouraging them to take inspiration from the Games and get outside and explore. This is a fantastic project that will do just that, by creating a great visitor attraction at Riccard Johnston and allowing young people and the local community to become part of the legacy.”

The Youth Ambassadors brick appeal is currently underway.  Initial construction of the maze and path will start soon with planting due to take place in May and June involving local schools and community groups.

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